About us

The reconstruction of the former 140-year-old Becherovka factory created a unique space in the very center of Karlovy Vary in 2012. Its appearance evokes the atmosphere of an ancient square from the 19th century. Among other things, here you will find the Becherovka museum – THE HOME OF BECHEROVKA, the KAREL IV brewery and the BECHERPLATZ restaurant and cafe, all with original concepts.

Where Becherovka was produced in the last few decades, gastronomy is being created today. In the interior, you will find a lot of elements made from the wood of old barrels in which the famous liquor was matured, and you can warm up, for example, by the heater, which was made from the original stainless steel pipes. The entire restaurant and brewery use the original cellar spaces, to which the production of Becherovka was moved in 1867.